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Libero Comfort 6 (12-22 kg)Comfortable Fit by Libero NEW Supersoft anti-leakage barrier ar..

Libero Comfort 7 (16-26 kg)Comfortable Fit by Libero NEW Supersoft anti-leakage barrier around ..

Libero Up & Go Size 5 (10-14kg)22 per packSOFTER, COMFIER, FLEXIERMore soft and well defined wai..

Libero Up & Go Size 6 (13-20kg)20 per packSOFT LEG ELASTICS allow the diaper to follow every mov..

Libero Up & Go Size 7 (16-26kg)18 per packSOFT LEG ELASTICS allow the diaper to follow ever..

Sabanindas Inco Disposable Sheet & Bed Protector 60 x 90cmSabanindas is a perfect complement for..

Absorption 1300ml Qty 14 Pads per Packet Order this product today and receive next working da..

Absorption 1300ml Qty 14 pads per packet View the full range from Lille Healthcare   1..

Alginate bags are a high density translucent red polythene bag that are designed to prevent the need..

An enzyme based product which rapidly degrades organic material, dispelling odours on contact with u..

Designed for use through commercial and industrial machine dishwashers, Red Label Wash aid's po..

Cleenol Lift with Bactericide 5ltr New
A liquid cleaner with a powerful bactericide for use in one stage cleaning and sanitizing.An effecti..

Cleenol Nova Spotta 750ml New
Pre-spotter and stain remover effective on oil, grease, fat, tar, lipstick and crayon. Do not use on..

Cleenol Acid Toilet Cleaner 5ltr New
A heavy duty descaler to effectively remove encrusted limescale deposits from ceramic surfaces, WCs ..

Leaves a fresh, clean honeysuckle fragrance after every use.  Contains a biocide to remove airb..

Cleenol Lemon Gel 5ltr New
A general purpose floor maintenance water soluble gel with a refreshing lemon fragrance.  For t..

Cleenol Pine Gel 5ltr New
A general purpose floor maintenance water soluble gel with a fresh pine fragrance.  For the dai..

Cleenol Window & Mirror Cleaner 5ltr New
A unique formulation giving exceptional sparkling, streak-free results every time. Removes a wide ra..

Electric 2000w Fan Heater -50%
Product InformationSafety feature - Overheat safety cut outSuitable for: A cheap and easy way to war..
£10.00 £5.00

With an extremely lightweight and foldable aluminium frame, the Escape Lite has been specially desig..

Medical Grade Back Nitrile Gloves Powder Free (100), with strong beaded cuffs are as soft, supple an..

The ULTRA range of slide sheets allows three basic patient handling tasks without the need to lift a..

Criss Cross Knitted Gloves -85%
Made of high quality PVC coated cotton, GI/CCG gloves are designed to offer a lightweight, flexible..
£2.99 £0.45

Bio-Degradable Pedal Bin Liner Roll (40) -26%
Bio-Degradable Pedal Bin Liner Helps to Improve our environmentCare for our future Protect..
£0.95 £0.70

GI/KDOT Knitted Gloves Coated with PVC Dots (1 pair) -67%
Made of high quality cotton coated with PVC dots, GI/KDOT gloves aredesigned to offer a lightweight ..
£1.99 £0.65

When you are ready to put your feet up and relax, at a touch of a button the Serena will simply recl..

The Memphis Riser Recliner has been designed with comfort in mind. It is the first chair in the Rest..

CLEARANCE  Non woven, Latex Free Swabs 10 x 10cm swabs 35 Packs x 5 swabsUse by January..

Euron Id Cleansing Wet Wipes 63 Wipes per packet Dermatologically tested For a mild a..

Our selection of waterproof duvets and Pillows from Harvest Healthcare our very popular due to their..

Harvest Healthcare Waterproof Pillow provides comfort and support for patients, whilst saving time f..

Phillips Respironics Wisp Minimal contact nasal maskWisp combines the performance and comfort o..