>>Christmas in the Bag!

Christmas in the Bag!

Are you struggling to know what gift to get for a relative or friend? Often, it isn’t the purchasing of a gift that’s the difficult part but thinking of what to get for them! Your friends here at B&M have the perfect solution for you. We can offer a beautifully presented gift bag filled with little essentials, available for both ladies and gentlemen. Take a peek at what’s inside and we’re sure you’ll agree, for only £5.95 (+VAT) it will delight not only the receiver but your bank balance too!

For Him

Christmas Card – Because everyone likes to feel cared for at Christmas.

Grip Socks Keeping toes toasty warm with a non-slip advantage.

Deodorant (Insette Safari) Smell like a dream this festive period.

Pack of Playing Cards – Hours of entertainment the old-fashioned way!

Box of Milk Tray (7 chocs in each box) – Because Christmas is all about a little indulgence.

Shower Gel (Original Source Blue) – Men deserve to be pampered too.

Face Cloth (Navy) – Sparkle like a polished bell this Yuletide with our luxury soft face cloths.

For Her

Christmas Card – A note of acknowledgment warms any heart at Christmas.

Grip Socks – Dancing round the Christmas tree has never been so comfortable!

Deodorant (Imperial Leather Silk) – A little indulgence with a classic fragrance.

3 Pack of Nail Files – Take a little pamper time and shape those nails.

Box of Milk Tray (7 chocs in each box) – Christmas isn’t the time for calorie counting!

Shower Gel (Original Source Orange) – A zesty burst of citrus freshness.

Face Cloth (Cream) – Scrub away the year and shine like Mrs Christmas!

Due to a number of reasons, some people, particularly the elderly or vulnerable, can find themselves alone at Christmastime. Being alone at any time of the year can be difficult, but Christmas is traditionally a time when families get-together and so feelings of loneliness and isolation can be particularly poignant. If you, or someone you know is going to spend Christmas alone this year, why not take a look at this list of community events where individuals can locate a local venue where they can enjoy Christmas dinner and some festive cheer amongst like-minded friends.

Alternatively, AgeUK offer advice and services to those who may be feeling lonely at Christmastime. They can keep you posted about events happening near you or even give you a call on Christmas day if you don’t want to venture out. Visit their website to learn more.

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