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Flippin’ Fantastic

Next Tuesday 25th February is Pancake Day! To celebrate this yummy event that we all know and love, we’ve compiled this list of fun facts for you to enjoy:

1) As part of the Christian calendar, Pancakes were invented as a way of using up all the fatty and rich foods before Lent began on Ash Wednesday.

2) Known as ‘Fat Tuesday’, Mardi Gras carnivals are celebrated all over the world on Shrove Tuesday.

3) In France, it is customary to touch the handle of the frying pan and make a wish while the pancake is flipped – all whilst holding a coin in the other hand. Tricky!

4) It is estimated that in Britain alone, we use a whopping 52 million eggs on Pancake Day – that’s 22 million more than on a regular day.

5) On average we consume two pancakes per person on Pancake Day. As a nation, that equates to 117 million pancakes in one day!

6) The largest pancake ever made and flipped measured 15m wide, 2.5cm deep, weighed 3 tonnes and contained an eye-watering 2 million calories!

7) The record for the highest pancake toss was made in New York back in 2010 and is 9.47m (31ft 1in).

8) The largest number of pancakes tossed in the shortest amount of time is 349 tosses in two minutes.

9) The world’s most expensive pancake cost a staggering £144 and was created at Opus in Manchester. The dish included edible gold leaf, champagne and jelly.

10) Don’t have a sweet tooth? Pop over to Sweden where you can order Blodplättar, which are pancakes made of pig’s blood. Yum!

As enjoyable as pancake day is, we are usually left with sticky hands and a messy kitchen. Here are a few products which you might want to order in advance…

Stardrops Kitchen Spray 750ml

After a session of pancake flipping fun, this kitchen cleaner is ideal for cleaning surfaces such as cooker tops, sinks, work surfaces and ceramic tiles. Stardrops Kitchen Spray with Bleach is a super powerful cleaner that cuts through stains and kills 99% of bacteria throughout the kitchen, so once everyone had had their fill, clearing up the mess will be a doddle!

B & M Supplies Washing up Liquid Lemon 5ltr

If you like a bit of lemon juice and sugar on your pancakes, you’ll love B&M’s very own Lemon Washing Up Liquid. The delightfully fresh and fruity fragrance makes this kitchen essential a please to use. Priced at only £2.39 for over 5 litres, there’s enough washing up liquid here to keep you going until Christmas!

Striped Dish Cloths (Pack of 10)

Wipe up sugar, chocolate sprinkles, maple syrup, cream, honey and everything else that missed your pancakes and ended up on the table with our super-soft and absorbent striped dishcloths. With 10 to a pack, the whole family can join in the cleaning up fun!

To see our wide range of kitchen cleaning products, please click here. We hope you have a flippin’ fantastic Pancake Day 2020!

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