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Sometimes you may only need medical equipment such as profiling beds, wheelchairs or hoists, for a limited amount of time. This could be because the person requiring the equipment has a temporary illness or injury and once healed, the equipment becomes unnecessary. A rented wheelchair or mobility scooter might also be useful to take elderly or disabled loved ones on a day trip, or to a special event. Or perhaps an elderly relative is coming to stay with you? If so, you can rent one of our riser recliners to ensure their optimum comfort throughout their stay.

With this in mind, B&M Supplies offer a rental service which means you can lease high quality medical and mobility equipment for as long as you need it, then when you don’t, it can be returned.

Ordering your rental equipment is simple to do. Just give our team a call, let us know what you’d like to rent, and we’ll have it delivered directly to your door. You can rent your preferred item for a full or part week or if you require the item for multiple weeks, we can offer you a special discount. Once you no longer require the equipment, our team will collect it from you.

Wheelchairs from just £10

We have a wide variety of wheelchairs available in stock including lightweight wheelchairs, heavy duty steel wheelchairs and powerchairs. It’s worth considering whether you want to push yourself in the wheelchair or if someone else is going to push you. If you are wanting to push yourself then you need to look at our self-propelled wheelchairs with the large rear wheels. If someone is going to be pushing you then perhaps a transit wheelchair with smaller rear wheels would be better suited. Our team can advise you on the best option depending on your individual circumstances.

Profiling Beds from just £25

A profiling bed can be incredibly useful if you are taking care of someone who is elderly, infirm or temporarily injured in your/their home. The height adjustable function on these beds enables carers and nurses to attend to the user without bending and straining, thus reducing the risk of injury. We also stock a variety of bed rails and side bars to suit your individual needs. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Mobility Scooters from just £25

If you are elderly or have difficulty getting around, a mobility scooter can be a great long-term investment. However, should you only need one temporarily, perhaps for a holiday, then renting one is a much more cost-effective solution. We have a wide selection of scooters with differing key features. Some have a long battery life meaning you can be out all day without worrying about power loss, while others are better equipped to deal with hills and tight corners. Give us a call – our team will be happy to offer you advice and support.

Additional equipment available for rental includes our Riser Recliners and our Hoists, Lifts and Stand Aid range. All our rental equipment is in immaculate condition and complies to the highest safety standards. Please get in touch for more information.

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