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LOLER Inspections & Certification

We provide LOLER tests and inspections for a variety of mobility and healthcare equipment.

Hoist Inspections

LOLER stands for the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations, which came into force in 1998. LOLER replaced various earlier regulations relating to the use of lifting equipment and was brought in to minimise health and safety risks arising from lifting equipment provided for use at work. A LOLER inspection and service should be carried out on lifting equipment every 6 months.

Types of equipment included in LOLER:

  • Bath Hoists
  • Mobile Hoists
  • Ceiling Hoists
  • Stand-aids
  • Electric Baths

B&M Supplies can take care of your LOLER testing by providing an efficient and quick service to you, at an extremely competitive price. With over 20 years experience of servicing of all major manufacturers of hoist and lifting equipment, we can ensure that if maintenance or repairs are necessary, your equipment is fixed quickly and efficiently.

Patient Hoist LOLER Examination

  • Full load Test
  • Inspection Certificate
  • Basic Service

Only £35 per Hoist. Please contact us for further information.

Patient Hoist - LOLER

Patient Sling Inspections

Just like our Hoist LOLER inspections, a thorough examination is required on lifting and handling accessories such as patient slings on a six monthly basis.

Items included are:

  • Stand up Slings for a stand aid or patient lifter.
  • Access Slings or Toileting Slings for mobile hoists.
  • Bathing Slings or Slings for use with a mobile hoist.

Regular checks on your lifting equipment and accessories ensure that the apparatus is safe to use as well as minimising the risk of injury during a lift.

We can offer this service in conjunction with LOLER inspections and servicing for mobile hoists, ceiling hoists and bath lifts. We can carry out these services at the same time if required.

All patient slings and patient hoists are tested on site and given a safety certificate ensuring peace of mind and continuous care.

Benefits of booking a LOLER Inspection with us:

  • Reminder of forthcoming inspection to arrange at a convenient time.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Health and safety compliance.
  • Referenced examination paper work for every item.

Patient Sling LOLER Examination
Price are per sling, and include full inspection and certificate.
0 – 9 Slings – £16.00 each
10 – 19 Slings – £13.00 each
20 – 29 Slings – £10.00 each
30 + Slings £8.00 each

LOLER Certificate