Indasec Normal Shaped Pad (Pack of 24)

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In stock


Indasec Normal for minor losses (up to 155ml)

Indasec Normal is ideal for controlling slight losses. It fits perfectly into the underwear and provides the security necessary to lead a life without limitations.

  • Indasec is an ultra thin pad thanks to the unique technology INNOVATHIN, a material with a high capacity to concentrate cellulose.
  • The innovative Indasec incorporates NEW CHANNELS, ensuring rapid distribution of the liquid throughout the pad, eliminating the feeling of moisture.
  • It is the only DOUBLE BARRIER compress on the market.
  • Indasec also incorporates a technology GelBlock, which not only neutralises odor, but also locks it, destroying the bacteria that produces it.
  • Absorption: For losses of up to 155ml.
  • Availability: Packs of 24 units.

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