Libero Up & Go Size 7 (16-26kg)

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Libero Up & Go Size 7 (16-26kg)

18 per pack

SOFT LEG ELASTICS?allow the diaper to follow every movement of the child.

BREATHABILITY?lets the child’s skin breath, keeping the child feeling dry.

THIN ELASTIC THREADS?adjust to the child’s body shape to achieve a perfect fit

The?SOFT AND DEFINED?waist make it feel like underwear

Libero UP&GO is as similar as a diaper can get to little pants. It is incredibly soft and comfortable and allows optimum freedom of movement whether the child is rolling, crawling, sitting or standing.

The gusset between the legs is so narrow that it never obstructs your baby’s energetic leg movements. A wide “woven” elastic panel consisting of many small elastic strips distributes the pressure gently and comfortably around the belly. The diaper constantly adapts to your child?s movements, just like little pants.

Libero Up & Go is easy to put on and change. It?s secure and leak-free. Naturally, it?s also breathable ? allowing air to circulate and keeping the skin dry and healthy.

UP&GO is also a great diaper for sleeping in because it never slips around or pinches during the night.


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