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Red Alginate Strip Soluble Laundry Bags (50 Pack)

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Alginate bags are a high density translucent red polythene bag that are designed to prevent the need to personally handle potential contaminated garments.

Simply fill the bag with garments that may have been worn around potential hazardous drugs or have come into contact with bodily fluids and place within the wash. Alginate bags can not be dissolved from the inside by their contents, due to the water soluble vertical panel and tape construction.

Please note: The bag does not dissolve completely, the bags are designed with an alginate seam, which when in a wash, dissolves, releasing the contaminated garments into the machine for processing.

These bags are an essential component of infection control procedures.

SMALL – 45 x 62 x 67 cm

LARGE – 40 x 70 x 95 cm

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