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Red Refuse Sacks (50)

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Perfect for segregating waste into categories like paper, foodstuff and soiled items, these medium duty coloured sacks are great for a multitude of applications and industries.

They’re an easy and sanitary way of dealing with different types of rubbish, and they also help to minimise odours and mess by reducing the chance of bins becoming fouled and contaminated. They help with recycling too, by making it easy to keep different waste materials separate from each other, ready for collection. This product is made using recycled polyethylene, so it’s better for the environment, not just your workplace.

  • A convenient and sanitary way of dealing with waste
  • An effective barrier between waste products and their containers
  • Perfect for separating waste into categories for safe disposal or recycling
  • Easy to use and secure with minimal contact with waste matter
  • Reduce odours and minimise the need for cleaning bin interiors
  • Made using recycled materials

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 47 × 72 × 96 cm


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